Day 2: Meeting with the Founder of Topos México

Today, we met with Roberto Hernàndez, president and founder of La Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco, A.C., or more commonly known as, Topos México. 

This is a non-profit organization that was responsible for the rescue of many survivors in the devastating earthquake that rocked our city exactly 32 years ago — Sept 19 ,1985. Now an internationally-recognized organization, Topos México are once again sending loads of volunteers to help rescue those who are still trapped under fallen buildings here in Mexico City.

Our intention is to ensure we use the donations we have collected in the most efficient way possible. Working directly with Topos allows us to understand exactly what is needed and where.

Topos México is a a non-profit civil association made up of volunteers who provide rescue, support and assistance services to anyone who is in a vulnerable situation. A multidisciplinary group trained to deal with national and international disasters such as: earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, air and rail accidents, explosions and urban and forest fires.

As translated from their website, Topos México adhere to the following objectives:

  • Integrate an immediate response rescue group for disaster care.

  • Support charitable activities in the area of ​​social assistance.

We are first responders capable of maintaining a constant state of preparation for rapid international implementation; with capacity to conduct USAR international operations and in our country, ensuring the appropriate conduct of the members of our team performing tactical operations in accordance with the INSARAG Guidelines and methodology. – Topos México


Thousands of Mexicans continue to suffer from September’s earthquakes.
Let’s rebuild México safely and sustainably, to ensure these families never lose their homes again.

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