What our mission is:

To bring aind to all those in need who had very litlle and lost it all, Things are in need at the moment and there is shortage of, me

Tools For Rescuers

We have Gloves, hardware, lanterns, helmets and other items for rescuers and volunteers. -people is still under piles of concrete and debris-

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Supplies for shelters

Already distributed portable stoves, to prepare food, water bottles and other supplies for people that lost their homes.

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Medicine and Medical supplies

Shelters are in need of specific medical supplies like insulin, adrenalin and bandages, cast material and other items to help hurt people that has been rescued.


Construction material and transport

Currently, Trucks of machinery and construction experts are in site evaluating and creating strategies to rebuild houses of people withouth a shelter, or with a very damaged home.



We are a group of friends, we are deeply concerned about people in need after the terrible earthquake that affected lots of people in Mexico City central and southersn states, like a lot of people we want to help, there is shortage of specific supplies and we have managed to get it thru wholesale suppliers. Our goal: to raise as much money as possible With your donations, we cover the cost of operation and purchases, also, we and our families and friends are organizing and delivering personally this supplies to shelters, rescuers, and people affected. take note, all the donations will be published in this website for transparency, if you donate, you can report it via email, whatsapp or DM. Thank you.

take note, all the donations will be published in this website for transparency, if you donate, you can report it via email, whatsapp or DM.

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The freshest news from our team on site

Day 3, Morelos, La Nopalera Yautepec and Jumiltepec

Driving by night to Morelos, the team gathered an important amount of tools, medicine and supplies, Morelos is one of the states near by Mexico city that, as many other states has very low-income small cities and communities, most of the state was affected and many people lost it all, getting there, we realized that […]

Another Way to Donate / Una manera màs de ayudar

Con estufas de carbón y gas portátiles en este momento estamos ayudando a albergues y damnificados en Morelos, estaremos aquí todo el fin de semana, gracias a nuestro proveedor, Estufas Delgado Hermanos. Portable gas and charcoal stoves, among many other supplies, are being delivered in Morelos State currently, we thank to our supplier Estufas Delgado […]

Day 2: meeting with Topos Mèxico

Con Roberto Hernandez presidente y fundador de Topos México, se hizo entrega de herramienta especializada para continuar los rescates de personas -aùn- atrapadas bajo los escombros. Today We met wit Roberto Hernàndez, president and founder of Topos México, this is the non-profit organization that since sept 19 1985 formed to rescue people from debris and […]

Day one, delivering first rescue kits and supplies

We are in action / Estamos en acción

Today we started organizing and acquire all the items in shortage, thru bulk suppliers and lots of people organizing, we were able to gather and distribute rescue kits, portable stoves, medicine and hardware for rescuers, volunteers and people in shelters.